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Cookies are small text messages that can be registered with a browser against a particular site so that each time a site is accessed the messages are returned to the server. They allow websites to be reminded of things like who was logged on or what preferences were selected the last time it was used.

Cookies were invented quite early in the development of the World Wide Web, because of a fundamental difficulty with the protocol of the web which makes each page viewing completely independent of every other, the cookie attempts to link them together.

Cookies are very widely used, almost all large sites and many smaller ones use them for innocent purposes, however there have been reports of Cookies being abused to track movements from site to site. Because of these doubts the European Union, for the user protection, has required that all sites that use cookies should have a published policy, hence this page.

Each cookie defines a website that it is aimed at (usually the site it came from) a name, a value and an expiry date, each time the targeted website is accessed before the expiry date, the name and value are forwarded to that site along with the request to display a page, this allows the page to be changed if appropriate before it is sent to the user.

Rockvale House’s policy

Rockvale House uses cookies to remember if a person has used the site before; this is then used in order to understand how good the site is, how much it is used and hopefully to improve it.

Rockvale House does not present cookies that help other people or organisations to track how a person has used the internet, and no more information is obtained than needed for the proper operation and maintenance of the site. In particular it is possible to see the difference between one person visiting 10 times and 10 people visiting once, although no information is kept about who those people are, unless a booking is made through the site.

If there is any uncertainty about the use of cookies, they can be switched off or deleted in the browser settings. If cookies are switched off or deleted, this may prevent a booking being made through Rockvale House’s site.

Rockvale House’s Cookies

The cookies Rockvale House use may be found in your browser settings by searching for, exactly how many may vary slightly as the site is developed, but at the moment there are about 3.

ROCKVALE – A number set on a first visit and will persist for up to 18 months. This cookie is used in the booking process.

ROCKVALE_SESS – A number set each time you visit the site. This cookie is deleted each time the browser is shut down. This is crucial to the booking process, which will not work without it.

ROCKVALE_ACCEPT – An indicator that you have clicked the accept button on the front page in the note about cookies, so that the note is not constantly presented. This will potentially persist in your browser for a long time.

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